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The Terminator: Drive-in Cinema

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What is the Drive-in Cinema experience?

With the world at a standstill, our options for entertainment have been drastically cut short. During such a time, this modern take on the classic drive-in comes as a rescue, making up for some of the human connection we've lost, and allowing us to enjoy a shared experience in isolation.

Mixing the nostalgia of the 1950s with cherished blockbusters from years past, you can now relive the Golden Age of Hollywood in a classic no-contact fashion! Tune in to your car’s radio for high definition audio as broadcasted by a radio transmission kit from the biggest US Drive-In Cinemas. As for the video, the use of a top-notch LED screen will allow for an uninterrupted and first-class viewing experience. Food and drinks are available to order with zero interaction and strict hygiene measures will be followed in line with government guidelines to ensure a safe environment for all. Simply turn on, tune in, and drop out!

Have You Seen The Terminator?

If you’re into cool, mind-bending time travel stories with some robocalypse thrown in, there’s nothing quite like The Terminator. The nail-biting action sci-fi film launched both its star, Arnold Schwarzenegger as well as its director, James Cameron on the road to fame. The film was not expected to be a hit and was a surprise smash (making some $78 million against a budget of $6.4 million). Its reputation has only increased with time and later sequels. Sit back and follow the origin story of humanity's fate in struggling to survive a war against machines that have risen up and all but wiped us out. To eliminate the resistance, the supercomputers send the Terminator (Arnold Schwarzenegger) — a cyborg who is part man, part machine — all the way back to the past, to kill Sarah Connor (Linda Hamilton). It is her unborn son, John Connor, who is supposed to be mankind’s last hope. Unbeknownst to the machine tyrants, the rebels, too, have sent a protector back in time to thwart the Terminator’s mission.

Know Before You Go

Will social distancing be followed?
Each car will be parked with more than a 2-meter gap around it

Will tickets be scanned with no physical contact?
Entry will be checked by the license plate, ensuring no interaction between staff and customers

How will food and snacks be delivered safely?
All orders will be made via TheDriveIn Delivery App only. The delivery team will place packaged food in the special delivery box by your car

Will there by sanitizing areas for guests?
Each catering point and toilet station will have hand-sanitizer stations

Do you have accessible toilets?
Each row of cars will be allocated a dedicated section of toilets. Staff will clean the toilets after each use

Strict Cancellation Policy

Cannot be canceled, amended or rescheduled

  • You will receive your email confirmation shortly. No need to print
  • Please carry a valid photo ID for verification

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